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Cats and Chocolate


Writers don’t write from experience, though many are resistant to admit that they don’t. I want to be clear about this. If you wrote from experience, you’d get maybe one book, maybe three poems. Writers write from empathy. – Nikki Giovanni.

Why do people tell writers to write what they know? Perhaps because they misunderstand the writers’ flights of fantasy. By all means, write what you know if that inspires you, but I often find it more challenging and rewarding to write further than that – to put yourself in someone’s shoes or write about someone who is completely unlike you. Most works of fiction don’t need the ingredient of you having experienced what you’re writing about. A lot of writing is observation, sure, but it is also extrapolating, imagining and dreaming.

Even non-fiction work doesn’t always have to be about what you know. You can write about other people’s…

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Be prepared to surrender
the myth of chronological order.
You thought time was a river carrying you forward?
Ha! Don’t be alarmed
when past present and future moments crystallize
and shatter into discrete spheres.
When you pour your morning coffee, you may discover the diamondine droplet of 1982
doing the backstroke in your cup (that was a good year).
On that night when you must sleep well to prepare for an early morning flight
you might find the mesozoic era rained in puddles on your pillow
stay up til 3 a.m. disposing of dinosaur bones.
When your parents come to visit in mid-September to see if you are doing okay with your crazy poet spouse
you may discover your poet spouse’s painful divorce shimmering in dew drops all across the hedges and the lawns of the neighborhood
shimmering in the shape of chalk…

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Daddy’s little angel


My dad is the strictest person I have ever known. From traditions and following rules, my dad taught me that you always do the right thing, respect everyone around you and always remember where you came from – don’t forget your roots he said.

These lessons, and many more, have guided my actions for a long time and I am grateful.

Growing up was tough with a dad like mine and most people did not dare venture to our house – especially the boys. My daddy would come in and everyone would disappear from the living room if you hadn’t done your homework, had failed in Math or had done something wrong that really irked him. He didn’t like finding us watching TV all the time because he said it would make us stupid. He was right you know, because I would have been a potato couch seeing as I…

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Birthdays and Father’s Day

This past weekend was jam-packed with family fun!

Saturday morning we woke up early to help Cobi’s brother Jesse set up his pop-up shop at the Higher Ground Coffee Co in Belfountain. Jesse’s company is called AndWhat Apparel and he designs awesome t-shirts, sweaters and stickers, it was cool to see him in action.

It was such a beautiful day so Cobi and I decided to go for a hike around the Ski Club. Those hills certainly seem steeper when you’re walking up them…

After a long hike we made our way to Inglewood for my Opa’s 75th birthday party. It was really fun, Opa’s sister (Veronika) surprised us by flying in from Germany, and Omi’s sister (Madi) came from Florida to help celebrate. I hadn’t seen either in quite awhile, and cousins of my Dad’s who I haven’t seen for years were there too, it was a lovely afternoon!



It was…

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